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Are you passionate about photography and interested in real estate?

Are you looking for financial independence, security, and the opportunity to build equity in a thriving business of your own?

Are you a disciplined self-starter with a high level of personal integrity with the desire to build and maintain long-term client relationships?

Do you appreciate the benefits of working on a team and within a proven system of operation?

If You've Answered 'YES',
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Success in Fast-Growth Markets

- Low Competition There are other photographers providing these services, but to our knowledge, none of them are set up to provide all the services in one go, or to provide a next-day delivery.

- Growing Market The market continues to increase dramatically as real estate is currently hot in most areas of Canada. Even when the market cools, people will always need a place to live and will always be buying and selling.

- Additional Benefits Your GO4Virtual Inc. franchise can be operated as a home-based business which means lower operating costs and the ability for you to deduct expenses for the business use of the workspace in your home.

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Become a Real Estate Photographer With GO4Virtual


GO4Virtual offers advanced training for seamless integration into real estate photography. We handle administrative tasks, scheduling, and post-production, leaving you free to focus solely on shooting without the need for editing.


Begin securing guaranteed earnings as your own boss.


Submit Your Resume

Kindly share your resume and cover letter with us, allowing us to gain insight into your background and experience from a GO4VIRTUAL.Ltd™ standpoint.

Get Together With Us

If we believe you align with our GO4VIRTUAL.Ltd ™ Needs, we'll arrange a face-to-face meeting with you in Victoria, BC.

Be Your Own Boss

Once you sign your franchise agreement, which delineates your territory, costs, and timeframes, you officially become your own boss.

Become a professional photographer, GO4Virtual is a great way to increase your income in a fast and fun industry

GO4Virtual.Ltd™ gives you the training, tools and systems to succeed

GO4Virtual.Ltd™ is not just a photography company. We make dreams come true though the power of imagery. In our business, a photo is not only worth a thousand words, but also tens of thousands for our Real Estate clients. We specialize in ensuring our client’s home listings are sold at an excellent price, and we make our client look amazing by providing them with high quality HDR photos, drone photos and videos, 3D Virtual Matterport tours, B&W and colour floor plans. Our system is set up to deliver our products the Next day. In today’s current Real Estate industry, speed is essential. High Consumer Demand In the 2 years, from a ‘standing start’, Go4Virtual has shot well over 25,000 homes, condos, businesses, Boats and rentals. Most of our clients are repeat customers. Affordable We have one of the lowest initial investments for a franchised business and a team of dedicated training, support, and advertising to help ensure your Franchisee business will excel. Low Risk Your initial investment is low. You have no need to sign long-term leases for premises. You require the correct equipment for which you will spend around $10,000, but the equipment is your own and it is a tax write-off. Virtually 100% Closing Rate Almost all our business is generated from referrals from our established relationships with brokerages and Realtors® No Receivables This is a cash flow business. Flexible Schedule You have the freedom to set your own pace. Scalable You can expand easily and economically to meet consumer demand. If you’re willing to hustle, you will make an excellent income (See our Franchisee Income in our updated Franchisee document) …learn more.


Make Your Own Opportunities

Make your mark in a fast-paced service real estate industry. This is truly an opportunity to set your income, grow in photography skills and work with a dynamic, supportive team.


Franchise territories includes training and Support cost starting at $15,000,00

  • An franchise territory
  • Minimum of 15 days of intensive, on-the-job training in Victoria, BC.
  • Personalized page on the GO4Virtual website
  • Access to all current marketing materials
  • Marketing training and ongoing marketing support
  • Full access to our dedicated social media team

While having drafting experience is beneficial, it’s not a requirement. We offer Real Estate Photography, Drone, Video, Floor Plans, Materport and Photoshop training.

In a potential franchisee, we value individuals who embody vibrancy, friendliness, and outgoingness. It’s important for them to be confident in presenting our product to a room full of realtors.

The great thing about GO4Virtual is, once you are up and running, you have little to no overhead costs besides the 12% monthly royalty. You will need to purchase some equipment, and pay for travel and accommodation during your 15 days of training in Victoria. Ballpark for all training equipements cost arround $10,000.00.

  1. Begin by clicking on the “Apply Now” button. Send us your resume and cover letter, and take a moment to introduce yourself.
  2. Mr. Luc Cardinal will promptly reach out to you to arrange an initial phone call.
  3. If both parties find the conversation promising and wish to proceed, we will provide you with a “letter of intent.” This document will outline key aspects of the agreement such as territory, pricing, and training dates. Review it, sign it, and return it along with a 10% deposit (refundable, minus a $250.00 administrative fee).
  4. Upon receipt, we will furnish you with the franchise agreement for your review and signature. Submit the remaining funds, and you’re officially on board! Welcome to the team!