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Welcome to GO4Virtual.Ltd™, a trailblazer in the realm of real estate photography. Nestled in the picturesque city of Victoria, BC, our services extend across the expanse of Canada. We stand as your steadfast partners in materializing your real estate visions.

At GO4Virtual.Ltd™, we believe in not just showcasing properties, but in making them radiate brilliance. Our unwavering dedication to excellence is palpable in the range of exceptional services we offer. We specialize in capturing the essence of properties through a blend of high-quality HDR photos, awe-inspiring drone imagery and videos, immersive 3D Virtual Matterport tours, and meticulously crafted B&W and color floor plans.

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to efficiency. Our streamlined system is meticulously structured to ensure swift delivery of your products, often by the very next day. We understand the urgency within the real estate industry, and we’re here to empower you with the tools needed to thrive.

In just a span of two short years, GO4Virtual.Ltd™ has scaled remarkable heights, encapsulating the essence of over 25,000 homes, condos, businesses, boats, and rental properties. The most gratifying facet of our journey lies in the trust reposed in us by our clients, with the majority returning as loyal, repeat patrons.

Our ardor for real estate photography knows no bounds, and our vision stretches far beyond the horizon. Be it in Victoria, BC, or any corner of Canada, GO4Virtual.Ltd™ stands as your trusted ally in unveiling the extraordinary beauty of your properties. Join us on this remarkable journey as we transform properties into dreams, one pixel at a time. Elevate your real estate experience with GO4Virtual.Ltd™, where quality, speed, and customer contentment converge to render you and your properties truly extraordinary.



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Buying a home is becoming more remote and digitally assisted. As younger generations enter the housing market, the demand for high-quality media will increase and today's new visual technologies will become the standard.


To be the easiest and most efficient one-stop-shop photography platform in the real estate industry.


GO4Virtual.Ltd™ is a diverse group of professionals from various backgrounds. Our team includes digital media experts from all over the world. We strive to promote diversity in all aspects of our company.

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Veuillez nous joindre à l’adresse [email protected] si vous ne trouvez pas de réponse à votre question.

We know you need it yesterday! We will get you the digitally retouched HDR photos, dusk shots, floor plans and Virtual Tour to you the very next day.

We will try to accomodate you as quickly as possible and schedule the shoot. Once we are in the home, we almost always get our work done in under an hour and a half. 

Just One.  We train our photographers to do it all; Matterport 3D tours, high quality HDR photos & aerial photography. One photographer for a more streamlined process.

Yes! All of our photographers are Transport Canada certified to fly drone planes. They have plenty of flight time and they know how to deal with public sensitivies around flying a drone plane.

Yes we do.  Videography does require a bit more time and possibly a second appointment. (Whenever possible we will send both photographer and videographer at the same time). That said, you can expect to receive your video back within 2 days after the shoot is completed.

Glad you asked!  It helps a great deal when you are on-site with us to take care of unexpected issues and, if necessary, run interferrance. We also need either you or the owner/renter to open all doors, turn on all lights, secure all pets and, ideally, vacate the premesis while we work. 


At GO4Virtual.Ltd™, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction. That’s why we occasionally offer price reductions of up to 30%. Additionally, our prices are significantly lower compared to our competitors, ensuring you get the best value for your money.