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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my pictures, 3D tour and floorplans?

We know you need it yesterday! We will get you the digitally retouched HDR photos, dusk shots, floor plans and Virtual Tour to you the very next day.

How many photographers will I be working with?

Just One.

We train our photographers to do it all; Matterport 3D tours, high quality HDR photos & aerial photography. One photographer for a more streamlined process.

Do you also provide videography?

Yes we do.

Videography does require a bit more time and possibly a second appointment. (Whenever possible we will send both photographer and videographer at the same time). That said, you can expect to receive your video back within 2 days after the shoot is completed.

How long will it take to shoot?

We will try to accomodate you as quickly as possible and schedule the shoot. Once we are in the home, we almost always get our work done in under an hour and a half. 

Your photographers can also take aerial photos?


All of our photographers are Transport Canada certified to fly drone planes. They have plenty of flight time and they know how to deal with public sensitivies around flying a drone plane.

What can I do to facilitate the process

Glad you asked!

It helps a great deal when you are on-site with us to take care of unexpected issues and, if necessary, run interferrance. We also need either you or the owner/renter to open all doors, turn on all lights, secure all pets and, ideally, vacate the premesis while we work. 


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